Corporate Events Dublin

With five floors available throughout the week, if you’ve been tasked with looking at spaces for a  work night out in Temple Bar or need a reliable corporate events venue in the middle of town, Bad Bobs has you covered every step of the way. We have helped companies hold corporate events, teambuilding exercises, product launches, and office parties at arguably the best spot for a work night out that Temple Bar has to offer.

Bad Bobs can cater to parties of any size, whether you’re a small start-up on your first company outing or a large company looking for a big enough bar space in Temple Bar to accommodate everyone. Here is more information on each space we have available throughout the bar for corporate event hire.

The First Floor

  • Best for: when you don’t know the group size
  • Ideal party size: flexible for 20-200 people
  • Ideal for: launch events, big office parties

The first floor is a fantastic space for hire. It’s laid out in such a way that you can happily host an event for anywhere from 20 to 200 people without the space looking bare or cramped. With two bars, including our specialist cocktail bar, balcony tables perfect for pairing up and the quirky design of the space, it works well if you need to hire space with a spark of personality. We recommend the first floor if you have a very large company looking to have a party and would prefer everyone stays in one place.

The Second Floor

  • Best for: when you need a special party space
  • Ideal party size: flexible for up to 150 people
  • Ideal for: group events, office parties, cocktail shindigs

On most nights of the week, you’ll find the second floor serving up some of the best cocktails in Temple Bar. If you’re looking to plan an event and need a dedicated mixologist at hand to serve up a select range of premium cocktails, the second floor is ideal. As well as one long bar going along the room, there are also some cosy drinking spots dotted around the room if you need some personal spaces as well.

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The VIP/Private Rooms

  • Best for: upscale business events
  • Ideal party size: ideal for up to 100 people
  • Ideal for: group events, informal parties

When you want an intimate feel for an event, on the 3rd floor, you’ll find our VIP rooms. With a suite and private bar, these rooms work best when you have an event that requires demonstrations or some level of group participation. The private rooms also have direct access to a smoking area, should that be a requirement for anyone in your party.

The Roof Terrace

  • Best for: a unique event space
  • Ideal party size: flexible for up to 100 people
  • Ideal for: product launches, office parties

On the days when the sun is shining down on Temple Bar, being up at one of the area’s only sheltered rooftop bars is one of the best spots to host an event. Our roof terrace is a great location for any corporate event in the summer. It can be used as the ideal spot for a launch event or office summer party.

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