Our Roof Terrace

Located in the heart of Temple Bar on Essex Street, Badbobs roof terrace is our hidden gem, tucked away with its own bar, seating areas and smoking section, making it the ideal location for a night out in Dublin with friends.

Live Music at our Nightclub

The venue is located in the heart of the nightclub center of Dublin and every day there is so much going on both in Badbobs and the surrounding area, from pub crawls, fun events and bars bubbling with people and atmosphere. At the weekends, the place turns into a busy and dynamic club, with live DJ’s and a saxophonist on hand to make your night memorable. Enjoy the rooftop terrace and VIP lounge for your private party or corporate event, making it extra special for everyone involved.

Great food and drink

Spread out over five floors and recently renovated, Badbobs is gaining a reputation in Dublin as the place to be for a night out in the capital. With our roof terrace, enjoy a speciality cocktail or some delicious food in a beautiful location. From burgers to hot wings and sandwiches all served till 10 at night, we serve quality food on demand. Indulge in one of our many speciality cocktails, such as an Espresso Martini or a classic Mojito created by our expert mixologists. With our retractable roof, you can sit back and embrace the warm sunlight of the end of the day whilst relaxing in comfort catching up with friends.

Roof Terrace

With tasty alcoholic drinks on offer as well as a richly decorated roof terrace full of character and style, our venue should be top of your list for a weekend of partying.

Our late license (3.30am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday) means you can party long and hard into the night, making the most of your time in Dublin. During the week, enjoy the stylish bar after work with our friendly staff in a bustling atmosphere, with music catered for all tastes. Our roof terrace in Temple Bar is the perfect spot for those looking for a unique place to enjoy a drink or two and start the night off on the right foot.

After a day of shopping, sightseeing around the city or seeing friends, our roof terrace and bar is the ideal setting to socialise and enjoy the small hours of the night. From food to live music, top quality service to speciality cocktails, we have it all covered. With our reputation increasing all the time and the word spreading around Dublin, make sure you don’t miss out on our infamous events and nights when you next head out.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bad Bobs very soon!


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