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You can make yourself dizzy trying to research Temple Bar restaurants when you’re just looking for a bite to eat. Take all the hassle out of comparing reviews and how many stars a certain spot got by coming into Bad Bobs for a truly authentic Dublin pub grub experience.

We take pride in how we get our food, what we serve and keeping things simple with a menu that works for everyone. Whether you’re just looking for a quick lunch, a light bite or need a good spot for a group to get a slap-up meal without paying traditional Temple Bar prices, Bad Bobs has you covered with food served all day long.

Bad Bobs fish & chips

Traditional Irish Food at Bad Bobs

Even though we have amazing items like the Jack Daniels Burger and signature Bobs Bruschetta on the menu, we do like to keep Irish staples on the menu too, especially for those hunting for that perfect Dublin pub experience. If you want nothing but the best Irish food, you’ll want to consider our classic burger made with premium Irish minced beef, the slow cooked Irish lamb shank or our beer battered fresh fish. Either of those with a pint of the black stuff is as quintessentially Irish as it gets.

Lunch at Temple Bar

Tight on time and need a quick lunch to keep you going? Our selection of sandwiches and salads is where it’s at. A big favourite is the goat’s cheese & black pudding salad; a lovely hybrid of Irish black pudding with the Mediterranean hints of the cheese and balsamic. Any of the sandwiches we have available will come with a side included too, whether you’re ordering the steak sandwich made with chopped sirloin or the BLT served on freshly baked sourdough.

Bad Bobs goat cheese salad

Dinner at Temple Bar

Up until 10 pm every night, you can pop into Bad Bobs and expect to get your dinner in a jiffy. Our main courses offer quintessential pub grub. Our bangers and mash have sausages made with prime Irish black pepper & sea salt pork, along with our gravy that creates that perfect home-made fare. Our burgers are incredibly popular around dinnertime too. We have over a dozen options to choose from, with the Dublin Big Schmoke and Crispy Cajun some of the best rated.

Couples meals at Bad Bobs

We have some great dinner ideas for couples looking for a bite to eat. Our Meat Feast sharing platter was made for couples with two cheeseburgers, slow cooked BBQ ribs and chicken wings. Pop on a few sides like our sweet potato fries and you’re going to have a top dinner in no time at all.

Bad Bobs sharing platter

Group meals in Temple Bar

When you’re travelling with a big group, deciding where to go and eat can become a stressful event. Don’t let it be. We like to keep our menu up to date with dishes that everyone will love. It’s very popular for groups coming in to order our finger food platter with chicken wings, onion rings, fries and plenty of dipping sauces. Our burger menu also has flavour combinations that are hard to beat, including The Veggie Nice burger, arguably the best veggie burger in Temple Bar (although we do keep the recipe secret).

Our Ingredients

As one of the best-rated restaurants in Temple Bar Dublin, we take our food quite seriously, especially when it comes to knowing where it’s from. Using local suppliers helps us know the food is of high quality, and you’re going to get the best meal possible anytime you visit.

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