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Can you think of a better night’s craic than being able to rock up to your own private party in Temple Bar? How about hosting a private event at one of the best cocktail bars this side of the river? Or how does holding a networking evening in one of the only rooftop bars in Temple Bar sound?

At Bad Bobs, we have the right space to hold any event, being able to cater anywhere from 4 to 400 guests for a special event. If you’re thinking of hiring out venue space in Temple Bar and want somewhere with a bit of character, Bad Bobs is the place for it. Here’s all the information you need to know about hiring out any floor in the building and how to get in touch with us directly.

Our Ground Floor Bar

With a capacity to host 400+ guests, the Bad Bobs function suite is perfect for larger events. All aspects of the stylish venue are taken care of so you can focus on entertaining your guests. Located at the heart of the city in Temple Bar, Bad Bobs is easily accessible via a range of public transport options.

Whether it’s a wee cosy table in the corner you like coming to and want to hire for a family do, or you fancy having a big company night out by the long bar, our ground floor has some intimate spaces ideal informal parties of all sizes. Some folks like to have the raised corner area with the long corner seating as a party/meal space, while The Snug is the unsuspecting spot you can get anyone in to for a surprise party.

function rooms dublin

Our First Floor

When you want a party or event that has a degree of privacy but is the kind of evening you know people will come and go from time to time, the first floor is a handy spot.

We’d say its something of a medium-sized space. We have a capacity of up to 200 people here, so if you need a good bit of space for hosting, it might be what you need, with a few raised platforms near the bar and front. The space lends itself well to networking, especially with the smaller tables by the balcony and a good open space right in the middle.

BadBobs First Floor

Our Cocktail Bar

In the corner of the first floor, we have to mention the cocktail bar in its own right. If you’re searching for an unbeatable hen do bar, work party spot, or want to have something special as part of your party, the atmosphere you’ll get with the cocktail bar is fantastic.

Our talented mixologists will whip up everyone’s favourite tipples in no time at all, and with some of the legendary Temple Bar cocktails we have on offer, it’s a good spot when you need a bar with maximum party value, and somewhere to have a cheeky shot if the suggestion comes up.

Badbobs Cocktail Bar

Our Second Floor

A popular spot for product launches and quirky business events, the second floor lends itself well to feeling like a complete function room; something you don’t easily get in the area. We have a long bar and little pockets for folk to grab a seat and have a good chinwag.

As you make your way up the stairs from the first floor, you’ll see the dancefloor in all its glory. If you’re having an event like a charity auction or something that involves an audience watching, the space works very well as you’ll have everyone watching from the second-floor balcony.

Our VIP/Private Rooms

Want to make folk jealous that you’ve hired a VIP room in Temple Bar?  Our VIP bar and lounge area just above the second floor was made for family get-togethers and birthday parties. Some businesses will hire out the private room with a full bar when they want a dedicated spot for an office night out and want to avoid the usual headaches that can come with finding somewhere in Temple Bar to fit everyone.

Our Roof Terrace

Right at the top of the building, our roof terrace looks incredible after the recent renovation. If you’re ever after a truly unique location for a weeknight event when the weather is amazing, you’ll want to be here. The roof is retractable, so you don’t have to worry about being caught short if the weather forecast is hinting at changes, and the intimate lighting at night makes it feel a million miles away from Dublin.

rooftop bar dublin

Food When You Hire a Private Space

We can get your sorted with grub no problem, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. We have our normal menu here if you’re planning on everyone getting a good feed but can also cater for groups with dedicated party food platters.

And if anyone in your party has dietary requirements, simply let us know ahead of time, and we’ll help cater to their needs.

Book Your Party In Temple Bar

If you want to know more about any of the spaces you can hire, such as information about our COVID Registration form, or want to book a space right now, give us a call on 01 677 8860 or email us on

And if you’re nearby sometime and want a look, just come in and ask. We’ll be happy to let you see some of the spaces to help give you an idea of which one would suit your event best.


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