Our Nightclub in Temple Bar

Every night is party night at Bad Bobs. We may have five floors here with a little something for everyone, but it can’t be denied that we ramp it up at the weeknights. No matter what night of the week you’re visiting, you need to experience an authentic night out in Dublin when you come to Bad Bobs.

We do have a dedicated nightclub up on the second floor, but in reality, the entire building is like one big club every night of the week. If you’re looking for a good night out in Temple Bar, here’s everything you need to know about what we get up to every night at Bad Bobs.

Weeknights at Bad Bobs in Temple Bar

You can set your watch to 6:30 every night of the week and be certain there’ll be someone gracing the stage here at Bad Bobs. Every weeknight, we have top local talent come along to play live music.

We mostly have upbeat acoustic performances on weeknights. They’re ideal when you’re looking for a catch-up with a few mates, but don’t want to spend your time having to shout over one another to have a decent conversation because of the TV (we do show football on request, but keep the volume off so it doesn’t interfere with performances on stage).

With free entry, drinks promos and our famous 2 for €12 cocktail deals, you’ll have a hard time finding a better midweek bar then Bad Bobs.

Weeknights at Bad Bobs in Temple Bar

Weekends at Bad Bobs in Temple Bar

We flip the switch on Friday and Saturday nights at Bad Bobs when DJs come to party and turn all five floors into one gigantic nightclub. From 6:30 you can expect to hear the top tunes right now, absolute party classics and a good dose of bangers to kick your night up another gear. You can see from our Instagram videos what the nightclub atmosphere is all about.

At the weekends too, it is common for us to make the music just that little bit sassier with musicians coming along to play saxophone, trumpet or even the bongos. You’ll see the lampshades rocking when they’re on stage.

our nightclub in temple bar

Sunday night at Bad Bobs in Temple Bar

You’ll find two types of people here on Sunday nights. Those who want to keep the party going, and those who want to ease themselves towards the week looming ever so close. Live acts on stage in the main bar keep the tempo going with upbeat acoustic covers all evening long, while the snug bar is the perfect place to grab a quiet seat, get a pint and wind down a little on a Sunday night.

Don’t forget, it’s the perfect spot to come on Sunday afternoon if you’re hungry for a reliable Sunday lunch in Temple Bar.

Free nightclubs in Temple Bar

There are no special events or “ticket only” surprises you’ll be met with when you come to our door looking for a good time. Unlike other nightclubs in Temple Bar, we don’t have any hidden cover charges and won’t surprise you when you order your drinks. Because we’re local and Dublin proud, we keep our prices in line with average city centre prices and don’t use our location as an excuse to charge more.

We want everyone’s night out, whether it is your first time here in Dublin and you want to sample our culture, or it’s your big weekend night out, to have as much fun as possible without costing an arm and a leg; after all, you’ll need them for throwing shapes on the dancefloor in our nightclub.

We can’t wait to see you come in for a boogie.


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